Medical Issue Advances

In the United States, 95% of people have some kind of medical issue. This is striking statistic, being that there are 301.3 million citizens. Since this number is so big you may be thinking, “why am I not one of these people?” Well… You are.

Medical Issue Advances

Common “Unknown” Medical Issues

Most people in the U.S. have some kind of medical related issue without even knowing. What they don’t understand is that a medical issue doesn’t necessarily mean you’re taking pills everyday, and have to frequently see a medical professional. A lot of times a medical issue is something that you don’t even realize you have. This could be something that you’ve had your entire life or something that has come on to you and you haven’t even noticed.

These could be minor things such as Acne Vulgaris, hair loss, dental caries, or athletes foot. Hair loss is a very common condition that many people don’t realize is a medical issue and can be solved with a hair transplant. All of these conditions don’t NEED a doctor, or pills, or ointment. Will these things help? Of course! In fact, if you have one of these conditions, you should go see a medical professional and try to get this treated.

Common Mistakes Made By Past Doctors

Imagine back before recent centuries, when doctors weren’t as educated about common medical issues, like doctors (even common fourteen year old’s) are today. They had extraordinary methods of handling these things, that you would never even consider today. Back in the day, these methods were considered appropriate, but just imagine the sense they had, after realizing they were mistaken for so long. Here is a pretty interesting video about these once common practices.

After watching that aren’t you glad we live in a time when medical practices were tested for positive results, before providing them as a treatment. At that time, everyone would just believe what a doctor would say, because he was a “doctor.” Nowadays, you must have a medical license or you will get sued and will have to appear before court. This video showed older dentistry methods in which they would just knock teeth out. Now a days, dentists provide optimal service and care for your teeth very well.

How to Stop an “Unknown” Medical Issue

A very simplistic way to stop these common minor issues is to change what you eat and how often you bathe. You must understand that your body needs to intake good, health foods.

As my old volleyball coach used to say, what you put in is what you get out. If I wanted to improve my muscle memory and athleticism as a whole, I would need to put in work. If you want to improve your immune system and your body appearance as a whole, you need to eat healthy. Drinking water and staying away from greasy food can play a huge role on your complexion. This is a simple way to counter acne. On top of that, showering daily plays a huge role. When someone is in love with their car they wash it everyday, and people will notice… “Hey, your car looks nice!” Love yourself, and people will start to notice how nice you look.